about us

As women who strive to make an impactful change in the world through our ideas, we at Planet Venus, have been through the struggle of launching and shaping our business. We understand that as a female entrepreneur, one has to make decisions all the time; and quite frankly, such challenges can often feel lonely. That is why we invite you to join our mission to space and learn together!

Whether you are an engineer or a marketeer, it doesn’t matter – we provide a community of enthusiastic and supportive #womentrepreneurs who are passionate to grow together. Planet Venus is here to provide you with a spacesuit so that your business will improve with the speed of light

Join us [and reach for the stars]!


our mission

Planet Venus fosters a network of female entrepreneurs who share success, struggles and knowledge in order to grow professionally!

our vision

We aim to provide the largest and most supportive network of women who are passionate about learning, growing and helping other women feel empowered and confident with their existing and upcoming business ventures.


Deborah is the mama of Planet Venus. She takes the best care of the company and community.


Yolanda is our star organizer. She can take care of any situation and makes sure our meet ups and events are amazing.


Stephanie is our PR manager, which is no surprise with her connections. She is the social butterfly of our team.


Coco is the creative brain behind it all. She is the designer of Planet Venus and make sure everything looks lovely.

our team

our founder

Astrid Aafjes is a Dutch native who has lived in Spain for over 8 years who was eager to launch her own business. She quickly realized that this is a journey filled with many difficulties and loneliness. That is why she became very passionate about creating an environment for like-minded female entrepreneurs who together would attain the necessary tools toaid their entrepreneurial journey.


Her ideas and passion inspired the creation of what is Planet Venus today!

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