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About Us

Our story.

About Us

Planet Venus connects women community of supportive peers to share success, struggles, and knowledge through Peer to Peer groups and Forum. Mentors and Consultants are part of this network to support women through a professional follow-up. We also gives access to high-quality start-up focused content including Webinars, Podcasts and Blog articles to grow professionally.

our mission

our vision

We believe that women entrepreneurs will be more successful and able to make bold decisions in a supportive and empathetic community.

our team


Deborah is the mama of Planet Venus. She takes the best care of the company and community.


Yolanda is our star organizer. She can take care of any situation and makes sure our meet ups and events are amazing.


Stephanie is our PR manager, which is no surprise with her connections. She is the social butterfly of our team.


Coco is the creative brain behind it all. She is the designer of Planet Venus and make sure everything looks lovely.

our founder

Astrid Aafjes is a Dutch native, but has been living in Spain for over 8 years. After she moved to Spain in 2010, she wanted to do something meaningful. She wanted to use all the experience and skills that she had developed over the past 20 years and start her own business. As an entrepreneur, she would be able to follow her dreams and ambitious plans. When she started her first business, she realized that the challenges of an entrepreneur are great and it sometimes feels very lonely. Having a support community of like-minded people around her and having access to the right information became very important. That is when the idea to start an international community for women entrepreneurs started.

Astrid believes that every woman can be a successful entrepreneur. This is especially true if you are part of a supportive community and you have access to the right information and tools. On her own, she started Downtown Offices, which later became Planet Venus.